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Part I: Galicia and Lemberg/ Lwów/ Lviv 
  1. From 1772 to 1867: The Phase of Germanization  
  2. From the Ausgleich to the Outbreak of World War I  
  3. Poland in the Interwar Period 
Part II: Bukovina and Czernowitz/ Cernauti/ Czernowtsy/ Chernivtsi 
  1. The Special Status  
  2. Between German and Jewish Identity or Nationality the Problematic German-Jewish Symbiosis  
  3. A Final Hegemonial Attempt to Construct a German-Jewish Symbiosis the Bukovina Settlement  
  4. Belonging and Exclusion The Imaginary West in the East 
  5. The Search for Secular Elements of Identity Language 
  6. Outlook 
III. Epilogue 
IV. Literature  
© 1996 A. Lichtblau & M.John, Jewries in Galicia and Bukovina, in Lemberg and Czernowitz